The idea of Eyethu Athletics Club (EyAC) was conceived in November 2016 by the founder Mr Menzie Sithole. He finally established the club in January 2017. Eyethu AC is affiliated to the Athletics Gauteng North (AGN) province of Athletics South Africa (ASA). The chairman after running for the club of a corporate for couple of years, he observed noticeable shortcomings that were known and not remedied. Among those were the lack of timeously sharing of information about what is happening in the athletics within the province and country. Lack of the incorporation / grooming of the junior athletes; also lack of aspiration and zeal to make a difference in the running fraternity. Eyethu is an inclusive word that means “Ours”. Eyethu AC was founded to be a home for both the social and elite runners who just want a club and to run. Furthermore EyAC was founded to make impact in the running fraternity and to the society at large. Eyethu AC is the epitome of the adage “Dynamite Comes in Small Package”, you don’t need to be many to make a difference or make strides and attain significant achievements that would take others half a decade or a decade to accomplish. In a true nature of the dynamite, Eyethu AC introduced its arrival with a big-bang! In January 2018, Eyethu AC attained the permanent affiliate status to the AGN and this was the first year it was eligible to participate in the AGN league races. In November 2018, the club finished in the second position (2nd) of the log in the fifth (5th) division, which is the lowest tier. The club was promoted to the fourth (4 th ) division for the year 2019. The highest division in the AGN league race echelon is the first division (1 st ). In July 2018, Eyethu AC had the first podium representation by Mr Lukhanyo Mabinza at Atterbury in PTA East and this became a gateway to many more to come, attained by him and other athletes. Since then the club has been having representation on the podium in different race distances. In 10 July 2019, Eyethu AC hosted a successful race that was dubbed the “Fitness Test Run: 2019” at Lynnridge Ridge Mall in PTA East. The race consisted of the 5km, 10km and 21.1km race distances. This was a milestone and feat that has never been attained by any club in AGN that had only two years in existence. The club membership is open throughout the year to the walkers, beginner runner, intermediate runner, and elite athletes. Regarding joining the club the prospective member must refer to the information under the membership heading or use the contacts that are provided on this website.




Eyethu Athletics Club consists of both the social runners and elite runners. The programs are not the same, elite runners follow or have their own training programs. For the social runners the following programs are recommended, however the runners are also allowed to follow other programs they obtain from other sources.


8 km : Monday

10 km : Tuesday

12 km / Hill Repeats up to 10km at high pace : Wednsday

5 km TT / 10 km run : Thursday

Rest day : Friday

21km / 25km : Saturday